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Tire fitment in the rear

Discussion in '8th Gen' started by 972Corolla-S, Apr 3, 2015.

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    972Corolla-S New Member

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    From Mililani HI,now live in Dallas TX
    2001 Corolla S and 1997 Honda Civic ex
    If this sounds like a bad idea let me know and i wont do it lol,ive just been brain storming.
    I bought some 17x7.5 RH evo2 replicas or whatever thay call it with a 42 offset i believe and i do not want to run 205/40s on them i want to run 205/45 but i doubt it will fit in the rear.

    Has anybody ever cut the rear shock spring seat completely off and run adjustable sleeve springs on them? Im thinking it should work since sleeve coilovers just sit in the middle and the spring seat part isnt used anymore, i just wouldnt be able to go back to springs on that shock no big deal lol.

    Im thinking about testing it out on some cheap sleeves and some decent shocks since one shock is blown in the rear anyway and i want to drop it too. I do not want a full coilover set up that cost 900 bucks, ive been in a few cars with real coilovers and i dont like it at all,but ive had skunk2s and ground control sleeves in my civics which is perfect for me.

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