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Smells like clean arm pits mmmmmmmm

Discussion in '8th Gen' started by Marriedtodanger, Jun 27, 2015.

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    8thgen Corolla
    So had a little time and started putting my rare ae101 parts in the 99 Corolla fast speed. This is an oxy moron so it's not fast. Ok back to post. I forgot to take some install pics but I will update as I go. Working on it, it's hot in texass.

    Here is the first View attachment 3820

    View attachment 3821

    This is easy. The 4 screws the hold your lid hold this. It just mounts under the latch and hinge screws. Reuse everything. I bought the entire console because one it's black-ish and I gave the air purifier switch pocket and keeps all others my last one had. It was from a LE (lid) mine is a VE.

    Dos View attachment 3822

    The Air Fantasy yay!!! What fun! So this is a fun one. The single din unit mounts to the factory holes your double din box had. The 2 screws you remove will go right in the rear of the unit. And just add some to the matching front. It has the holes ready to go. This is now when you can add a multi box or I'm making a plate with just a circle for my cigarette lighter. I'm from swisher town and forget my lighters. Then I'll paint it black wrinkle. I have a dual USB in the old location. So if you get a air fantasy get the harness. It will make life so much easier. It makes a splinter between the factory radio plug. The larger one that's not the cd changer. Plug and play on the electrical. I'll take pics at night so yous guys can see. I will update the vents and blower routing. I just have the tubes In the glove box. Don't press a button or " here officer, sir why does your insurance smell like arm and hammer?"

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