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Cali Sacramento Area Charity Car Show

Discussion in 'USA: West' started by dubdeuce, Mar 24, 2011.

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    dubdeuce New Member

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    Sacramento, Ca
    What's up!

    I'm organizing a charity car show with The American Red Cross at the Arden Red Lion Hotel in Sacramento.

    Asking for a $20 DONATION. This will give you ONE free entry to the sister event being held inside the hotel, Decepti-kon. For more info on it, go to www.decepti-kon.com

    All makes and models are welcome so tell your non Toyota friends!

    Trophies WILL be awarded including best domestic, euro, import, crowd favorite and more.

    DJs, RC Drifting, models will be present.

    ALL donations will be given to The American Red Cross to aid in the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

    All the information is on the flyer. PLEASE let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. Let's make this thing blow up!

    Thanks guys and gals!

    updated flier.jpg
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    MacktasticSlick TRD whore with 36,000 posts, bitch

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    Sacramento is a really far drive for me...

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