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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Phil!, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Hey guys, so yeah its been a while, so heres an update on whats been up.

    Anyways, I lost my corolla (the black one). Long story short, check engine light P0171 kept coming up, couldn't figure out what it was. Several failed smog tests later, white smoke was coming out of the exhaust like crazy. The N0x level readings were increasing after every smog test, even though I changed pretty much everything I could think of (02 sensors, cat, resealed intake/exhaust, throttle body, fuel injectors, valve cover, etc.). So, on top of all this, my last straw was when I was on the fast lane of the freeway, the electrical system of the car completely gave out, losing power steering, brakes, etc. Luckily the freeway was pretty empty so I veered across the lanes while I was still moving, coming to a stop on the shoulder. I ended up selling the whole car to a mechanic for parts.

    With that said, I came across an 02 5-speed S. Which I currently drive now.



    the fog light is missing cuz currently in the process of changing the bulbs. In the next couple of weeks Ill be posting some progess of parts that I have but just haven't put on yet.

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