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Gas Gauge is 1/4 tank off

Discussion in 'Care & Maintenance' started by Machinehead2k5, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Machinehead2k5 Chemosabe

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    Atlanta/Augusta, GA
    I pulled off some old gauge faces and put some new ones on. I guess I moved the gas tank needle and now it's 1/4 tank off. When the car is empty it says it has 1/4 tank left. How can I fix this??
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    MacktasticSlick TRD whore with 36,000 posts, bitch

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    Take the plastic cover off the gauge face, and move the needle the correct amount in the direction needed. It's not spring based like the speedometer (and tachometer if so equipped) so you can just move it with your finger until it's right. Fill up your gas tank all the way, drive around for a couple miles (since the Corolla takes forever to move the needle accordingly) then push the needle right up to the line F line. Replace the clear plastic cover, put the black surround on there, the one with two screws, and there you go.

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