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Car F/S FS: 2000 Maroon Corolla LE $4300

Discussion in 'For Sale: Cars' started by DrunkSaru, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Woodland Hills, CA
    FS: 2000 Maroon Corolla LE $4300

    Pictures available upon request.

    2000 Maroon Corolla LE (auto)Asking price $4300
    Location: SoCal SFV - Reseda
    About $110K miles
    Though per carfax, clean title, upon examination, the car looks like it was in a minor front end accident, Front bumper and fender was replaced. No sign of frame damage. engine and tranny in good condition. Brake pads about 45% left, Suspension fairly worn out (anyone with a 8th gen who hasn't replaced their struts will know what i mean), but still driveable. Tune up probably required but since its a corolla, you're not going to need to do much. If anyone is interested, just respond to this post. Price will probably be not that negotiable since its already really low in price and will be very hard to find a car in this condition. Just checked craigs list and other sites and most are selling for $1000 more for similar car.

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