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READ For Sale Rules

Discussion in 'For Sale: Car Parts' started by Goldy, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Lexus IS300
    Starting NOW, when selling an item, you MUST include a picture of the item with some proof that it is yours, IE a piece of paper with your screenname and date. We don't like scammers. Also include a price and a location for people who can pick up locally.

    Excessive bumping is annoying; maximum of one bump per 24 hours please.

    Currently active F/S threads may be stickied and locked, so that they remain at the top of the forum and clean of random discussions. Make sure your original post has enough contact information so that interested buyers can PM you. A moderator can make any changes to your post as needed, just let one know.

    New members wishing to sell car parts must first have a minimum of 50 posts here on TRDForums. This is to help reduce spammers, scammers, and people coming here to just make a quick buck. Members found trying to sell car parts before having 50 posts will be warned about it, with moderator action that can lead up to banishment of the forums.

    When an item is sold, please edit your original post to say "SOLD" and PM a moderator to lock the thread.

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