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Double Rainbow All The Way

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Goldy, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Goldy Well-Known Member

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    Lexus IS300
    So we had a huge storm roll through, started off with a TON of wind as the front rolled in, and then plenty of rain and stuff. But when it was almost over, the sun came out and hit the rain in a way that made a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY across the sky. It was epic... never seen one like this before. Both rainbows were horizon to horizon.

    When I first saw it:

    [IMG]Walked Outside to This by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    Didn't realize how epic it was until I walked to a better view:

    [IMG]Double Rainbow by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    [IMG]All The Way by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    It was still raining, but I grabbed my ladder and scrambled up to the top of my house for the Most Epic of Views. The rainbows were fading at this point, since the sun was dropping low.

    [IMG]So Beautiful by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    [IMG]What Does It Mean? by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    Turned around and saw this

    [IMG]After the Storm by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    lots of yellow lol

    That sunset turned into this a little while later

    [IMG]Maryland Sunset by gold94corolla, on Flickr

    So much win, so much beauty. Life is great, we live on an unbelievably incredible planet.
    Added: Jul 9, 2014 4:22 AM
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    James Bullshit Police

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    ZZE110, MA70, JZA70, AE92 GT-S x2, xB with a rollcage, 900 ft-lb Dodge Ram
    Nice! Solid Gold.
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    MacktasticSlick TRD whore with 36,000 posts, bitch

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    Damn, gold for the m-f'ing win
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