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For Sale 8th Gen TRD Spoiler, TRD Exhaust, TRD Rear Valence, S Floor Mats, H&R Springs, Leather Console Lid

Discussion in 'For Sale: Car Parts' started by rogusto, Aug 28, 2015.

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    rogusto Well-Known Member

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    Queens, NY
    2001 Toyota Corolla S
    Hey everyone. Got rid of my 02 Corolla in March but still got some parts that I never got the chance to install: TRD Spoiler, TRD Exhaust, TRD replica valences, H&R springs, brand new never installed 4-piece set of Corolla S floor mats and a leather center console lid cover.

    The spoiler was never installed. It's painted silver. Asking $250 OBO.

    (got the exhaust from 1nicetrd. Never removed from package except to inspect it. Looks just like in the picture above when it belonged to 1nicetrd) Asking for $250 OBO

    (Valences from CBass of course. Never installed) Asking for $200 OBO

    The leather was a bitch to put on. I got it from someone selling it from UK. I'm selling it with the lid and all because it's almost impossible to take off at this point. Asking for $30 OBO.

    (Floor mats never installed. Got these from rx7rocket2005. Asking for $90 OBO)

    I don't have a picture of the springs because I never removed them from package except to inspect real quick when I got them. I got them from a seller in Hawaii. Very low mileage on them. Asking $100 OBO.
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    boosted94 Well-Known Member

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    PM for springs sent

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