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1998-2000 Hybrid Bumper

Discussion in 'For Sale: Car Parts' started by Phan, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Orange County, CA
    1985 Maxima Blue RIP, 2000 Corolla White SOLD, 1993 300zx Conv. Pearl White DD, 2004 350z Roadster Pearl White DD
    Hey guys, Its been a long time. I have a left over hybrid bumper (1998-2000) for sale if anyone of you guys are interested.

    It is a very simple repair as I have repair these bumper numerous times. You only need a solder iron, bondo and some polyurethane plastic from a spare bumper and weld the hybrid bumper back in. I will supply you some polyurethane plastic.

    Or you can buy a custom plastic welding kit and do it professionally. Either way will work.

    I'm only asking $30 bucks for the bumper compared to if you are planning to make a hybrid bumper build then you would have to buy a 98 bumper and 02 bumper which would cost you at least $200.





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