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Help! ZZE110 vs AE111 Front Lip

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by meetfilipe, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Hello friends.

    Just below is the image of my Corolla , the Brazilian version is the same as the Asian , AE111.


    As you can see , the car had no further modification, and I will start with the front lip and side skirts.

    Doing some research , I realized that the American version , ZZE110 has some visual differences of the AE111 version. The question is , the diameter of the bumper of the American version ( ZZE110 ) and the Asian version ( AE111 ) are equal ? The front lip parts are compatible ?

    Although they are visually different bumpers , I think the front lip fits perfectly in both versions , but I need to make sure before you import a part, because here in Brazil is practically impossible to find this Front Lip today. I'm looking for the OEM version , if you know any information please help me ! I'm sorry for bad English , but I think you get the idea .

    Thank U.
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