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For Sale 8th Gen ELP CAI and TRD front strut brace

Discussion in 'For Sale: Car Parts' started by WarpRider, Aug 18, 2016.

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    WarpRider Well-Known Member

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    (Posted with advance approval from Goldy)

    Hi all,

    Up for sale are a couple of parts left over from my modification days. The parts below will fit the 8th generation Corolla (2001-2002). I went back to stock a while ago--I’d love to see these go to a good home.

    EL Prototypes cold air intake

    I loved this intake. I’m including a matching K&N air filter and a filter recharge (cleaning) kit, the rubber connector to connect the intake to the engine, and some bonus Injen branding (#smogcheck). This one also has the hole for the MAF sensor.

    Looking for $120 or best offer for the intake and accessories.

    TRD front strut brace

    The brace was easy to install myself, improving the handling, chassis rigidity, and steering response.

    Looking for $120 or best offer for the brace.

    Photos for both items available here.

    I’m located in the south Bay Area of California, and I’d prefer a local sale if possible (the closer to Santa Clara, the better). PM me directly if you're interested, need more photos/info, or if you have questions!

    Also wanted to take a sec to say that I've loved reading the posts in this community over the years, and I've learned a ton from a bunch of you. Thanks for being awesome.
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    GSE21tuner Formerly rollatuner110. Representing AZLexus.club

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    Phoenix, AZ
    07 Lexus IS350, 04 Lexus IS300
    GLWS! I remember the having the ELP intake. Discontinued, limited quantity, and rare.
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    MattH Country Boy Problems

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    Central VA
    2001 Corolla s
    Intake still available?

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