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Engine 8th Gen 2zz Swap Header

Discussion in 'Powertrain' started by slow_r0lla, Jun 3, 2016.

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    slow_r0lla New Member

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    2000 Toyota Corolla CE
    Some time in the near future I will be swapping a 2zz and a C60 into my 8th gen. To the few people who have done the swap out there, what header did you use? what sort of modification did you have to do to make it work? Not having much luck finding any info. Thanks.
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    1nicetrd Well-Known Member

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    Theres 3 options as of now
    1. swap a 2zz flang onto the 1zz 8th gen manifold(emissions only)
    2.Buy a 2zz swap header from a MR2 and make a custom Y pipe to your mid pipe. 4-2-1(there are some constraints in the design i personally didnt like)
    3. Order a long tube 4-1 2zz swap header from PPE you can order it in pieces to make it fit just right in the 8th gen(Best performance header for our space)
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