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Help! 2000/2001 Corolla EWD Differences

Discussion in 'Powertrain' started by GZ-Doug, Jul 8, 2015.

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    GZ-Doug New Member

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    Northern California
    1st 71 Corona Mark II Wagon 18-RG, 2nd 85 Corolla GTS Hatch, 3 MKI MR2's, currently 01 Corolla
    Similar to this thread I'm adding cruise to my 2001 Corolla (manual trans). I pulled most everything I need from a 2001 automatic, only to find that there's obviously major differences between the ECU wiring. I have some chunks from EWD412U including:
    Engine Control, pages 62-71
    Cruise Control, pages 142-147

    I'm pretty sure I can pull it off with what I've found but the connector charts/diagrams would make things much easier, especially for the ECU. Heck, I'd really like to be able to find the complete EWD412U but the cheapest one on eBay is $80+. EWD380U is available for a lot cheaper, and am guessing it's probably 90% the same.

    Can anyone weigh in on the differences or perhaps post the EWD412U manual ECU pinout & connector diagrams? It would be much appreciated.
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    MacktasticSlick TRD whore with 36,000 posts, bitch

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    All the people that could probably help with this, don't come here anymore

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